Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde is the Chairman and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Not only is she the first woman in history to hold that position, she was also the first woman to become Finance Minister of a G8 country. Number three on Forbes’ list of “100 Most Powerful Women”, Christine Lagarde earned master’s degrees in English, Labor Law and Social Law. As a lawyer, she earned partnership in her first law firm in just six years and worked her way up to Chairperson of the entire firm. Today, as Chairman of the IMF, she solves economic issues on a global scale. From managing the monetary fund of 189 nations, to developing the digital technology of emerging economies, to spearheading issues of gender reform in the male-dominated finance industry, Lagarde continues to use her ambition to achieve massive goals and lead positive change for the world.

Ambitious people are highly focused and consistently strive for greater and greater heights.

Where others see the impossible, they see challenge and they are fired up by it. From athletes training six days a week, to entrepreneurs living and breathing their businesses, to community activists dedicating their whole hearts to enacting change, ambitious women don’t just make things happen for themselves. They blaze trails, inspire others and lift up the people, businesses and organizations around them. They live their ambition with their whole heart, never shying away, and always ready for the next step.

We celebrate ambitious women for setting the bar high, having the resilience and drive to see it through, and standing as leaders in the field for those coming after them.

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Ambition Challenge Coin

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