The Challenge Coin

is about inspiring women to use their brain power; to use the unique strengths, abilities and experiences within them to create what they want for themselves and to create a stronger global community for all.

Why Women?

Both collectively and individually, women have unique ways of thinking that are rooted in who we are and how we experience the world. This uniqueness of thought has great value in the world because it contributes to something powerful: cognitive diversity.


Cognitive diversity is when a variety of minds come together, bringing their different perspectives, experiences, strengths and problem-solving approaches to the table. Businesses, teams, governments, families and organizations all benefit when they embrace cognitive diversity because it gives them to collective brain power to be truly agile and responsive in an ever-changing world.


Through the Challenge Coin   Campaign, Women’s Brains Matter is striving to propel women’s brain power into the world, recognizing the uniqueness they have to offer and inspiring them to get in the driver’s seat of their own power so they can change their lives and change the lives of those around them - both men and women.


Why Coins?

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The tradition of the Challenge Coin dates back to the Roman Empire, when soldiers were given coins to recognize bravery on the battlefield. That tradition evolved to modern day soldiers challenging each other to achieve something by presenting coins. The coin represented your comrade’s support and belief that you had what it took to succeed. It was something tangible the soldier could hold to call up the power within them and the supportive strength of the literal army behind them.


That power of both individual strength and perseverance, coupled with the support of a community cheering you on is why we chose Challenge Coins to spur on this movement of brain power. 

How it Works?

Each Challenge Coin is embossed with a word. A powerful word that calls out the amazing trait within the woman you choose to challenge.  


  1. If you want to encourage your daughter to pursue an advanced degree, your sister to overcome a difficult illness, your colleague to start that awesome business idea, or your friend to write that book they’ve always talked about, choose the coin that features the trait most fitting to the woman.

  2. Once you’ve chosen her coin, you enter a few details about the person and what you’re empowering them to do, accomplish or create.

  3. When you place the order, the coin will be mailed to your recipient along with the details of who is encouraging them and  what they’re being challenged to do.

  4. You and your empowered coin recipient can then post on our facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedIn and tap into the power of the community for support, advice and encouragement as they take steps to bring their best selves forward, share their journey, cheer on others and use their amazing intellect to change the world.

  5. If your coin recipient feels they need additional support to get started, or accountability to see it through, we also offer coaching services and other services through our Women’s Brains Matter partners. Please visit our Meet your Challenge page for more information on our support services.  She can do it!

Send a personalized challenge with every coin!