Oprah Winfrey

Anyone who has ever watched the Oprah Winfrey Show, read her magazine, listened to her podcasts or seen her interviewed has had at least one of those moments that take your breath away. Moments where something inside you is brought into clarity; given words you couldn’t find on your own. Oprah is famous for using language to affect positive change and influence, having overcome a troubling childhood to become an icon of powerful communication. Throughout her career, she has shed light on controversial topics, shared stories that influenced millions, and helped people find common ground through communication. She has published multiple books, started a magazine, and has her own media network that reaches millions around the world. Starting out as the first black female anchor of WTVF, she later became the wealthiest single black woman in the world. In 1991, she used her power of persuasion in testifying before Congress to initiate the National Child Protection Act. In 1997, she created Oprah’s Angel Network, encouraging others to donate to charity and volunteer. She invested $40 million in the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa and was praised by none other than Nelson Mandela. Oprah is an icon of communication, having used her gift to enact powerful change, inspire others to speak their truth and to truly listen when others speak theirs.

Communicators put into words that which the rest of us struggle to articulate.

They clarify what clouds our vision. They guide us through misunderstandings and help us connect across cultures, genders, religions and more. They help us excavate everything at the surface that holds us back from progress, guiding us to the core of what needs to be said and understood so that we can move forward, peacefully, towards a better, more connected future. Those who help resolve disputes, uncover truth, give voice to ideas, put emotion into words and craft messages that compel, inspire and change minds are to be valued for their ability to connect us all in powerful ways, strengthening communities, both local and global, giving us the words to express the inexpressible, be understood and find common ground.


We celebrate the communicators, the articulate women of this world, who help us move forward with clarity and understanding.

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Communication Challenge Coin

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