Queen Elizabeth II

Reigning for over six decades, Queen Elizabeth II has garnered love and respect from everyday citizens and powerful leaders alike due to her dedication to her country, to the causes she believes in, and to global progress. Even before taking the throne, she showed her dedication to her country and the world by joining the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service during the Second World War as the first, and only, female member of the royal family to join the armed services. Beginning her reign shortly after the war, she was an integral player in the transformation of the former British Empire into the British Commonwealth, and later the Commonwealth of Nations. She has been involved with over 600 charities, and actively promotes religious tolerance and freedom. She was the first British monarch to travel to the United States and the first monarch to open the nation’s parliament. Elizabeth II is the symbol and personification of dedication, having spent a lifetime of service to her country, and her world, never wavering in her commitment.

Dedicated people are unwavering. They are resilient, reliable and stick with a cause, project or venture through thick and thin.


Their faith in the journey is steadfast and once they commit, they don’t back down. Dedicated people overcome many obstacles, often with little fanfare, seeing those successes simply as stepping stones along the way. These are the people who work full time jobs while pursuing their education. They are the ones who stay on in disaster areas, long after the cameras have left. They find medical cures, solve enduring problems and keep public programs alive. When a dedicated woman believes in something, adversity cannot hold her back. She will persevere, stick to her goals and weather any storm.


We celebrate dedicated women for holding the threads when others lose interest, for having the faith to see things through, and for being unstoppable in achieving their goals.

Dedication Challenge Coin

Dedication Challenge Coin

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