Angela Merkel

Throughout history, ethics have too often been left behind in favor of political or financial gain. In stark contrast is Angela Merkel, the first female chancellor of Germany, who has stayed strong in her ethics, serving her country and the world through her morality. When she entered office in 2005, Germany was in an economic struggle with the Euro was newly in place. Today, she stands as Europe’s de facto leader as Germany has become the economic backbone of the continent due to Merkel’s impressive leadership and initiatives for renewable energy and industrial trade. She has stood up to political bullying on multiple issues and has allowed millions of political refugees to seek security in her country. She has had the strength to maintain her ethics and stay committed to what she believes to be right, even when doing so was unpopular and put her at risk of losing public support. As the longest reigning leader of a European Union nation, Merkel has exemplified the strength and prosperity that accompanies standing up for what you believe, and has shown the world that ethics and politics not only do, but must go hand in hand.

Ethical people strive to always choose what’s right over what’s easy, popular or even urgent.


They look at the big picture and consider all potential impacts, often setting aside personal feelings and struggles for the greater good. It is the ethical person who returns a found wallet, even when they themselves are struggling to make ends meet. They are the doctor risking their own life to bring care to those in need, the teacher spending their own time helping struggling or difficult students, the CEO taking a paycut rather than cut staff in hard times. Ethical women have a strength of character that is unwavering in the face of hardship or criticism. Their interest is not in the spotlight, but in using their strength to bring fairness to a too-often unfair world.


We celebrate ethical women for leading through their actions, for their integrity, for their strength of spirit and for standing as our moral compass.

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Ethics Challenge Coin

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