Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates was born into a privileged life, attended good schools, entered a promising career and married a man who would become the wealthiest man in the world. However, rather than relax into a life of comfort, Melinda Gates has been on a mission to use her resources to spread privilege around the world, working tirelessly to help eradicate global poverty and bring access to education to every corner of the world. In doing so, she has become known as the “Most Powerful Woman in Philanthropy”. In the year 2000, Gates co-founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the largest charitable organization in the world, with over $40 billion in trust endowment. The foundation is focused on making the world a better place and aims to do so by improving health, education and technology in the US and globally in an effort to close inequality gaps, bringing more and more people up in their quality of life and opportunities to thrive. Melinda focuses a great deal on promoting women’s and girl’s rights and her newest venture is an investment company called Pivotal Ventures, which aims to close the funding gap for female business founders. Melinda Gates personifies generosity, enriching society in priceless ways.

Generous people give what they have, whether that is money, time, skills, influence, or goods and services.


When confronted with the struggles or problems of others, their first response is to explore their own resources for what they can contribute. These are the people who ask, “How can I help”, but far more often to state, “Here’s what I have to give.” Often, the most generous people are the ones working in the background. They are the contributors. The supporters. The ones holding others up and keeping things moving in the right direction. They are the volunteers at schools and organizations, the coworkers always ready to lend a hand, the neighbors offering lifts and shovelling driveways. Generous women offer their skills and expertise to help make things happen. They work tirelessly to support good causes. They reach out when help is needed and play enormous roles in keeping communities, organizations, businesses and even individuals running at their best.


We celebrate generous women for being the backbone of our society, never expecting anything in return and showing us all how powerful even the simplest act of generosity can be.

Generosity Challenge Coin

Generosity Challenge Coin

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