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Humorous people use their innate ability for bringing joy and laughter to others to brighten their communities and our world.


Humor is the quickest way to propagate joy, and often the most effective. It gives us moments of lightness in dark times, unites people in shared joy and reminds us that even after tragedy or through intense strife, life continues to bring reasons to smile, take deep breaths and love the world around us. Humorous people find witty names for charitable ventures, dress as superheroes to cheer up sick kids, point out the hilarities of the mundane and help us laugh together across whatever boundaries may divide us. Humorous women use their intelligence and quick thinking to spread joyful feelings and a sense of wellbeing through their words and actions. They lighten the loads we all carry by allowing us to set them down and reminding us that we are not alone in carrying them.


We celebrate women who always see the lighter side of life and lift our spirits with kind-hearted humor.

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