Hillary Clinton

In the United States, Hillary Clinton is synonymous with female empowerment. From her time as First Lady in the White House, to becoming Secretary of State, to running for president, Hillary Clinton has inspired countless women to bring their best selves forward, with courage and conviction. From a humble town in Arkansas to Washington DC, Clinton has used her intellect to convey messages of change to everyday citizens and lawmakers in the highest positions. She started the 1993 Health Care act, which currently provides 8 million children with medical care, and championed the Violence Against Women Act. In the elections of 2012 and 2016, Hillary Clinton took the global stage and ran for President of the United States. Her diplomatic speeches and unparalleled passion inspired hope and confidence across the nation. Her poise and determination in the aftermath have continued to inspire others to push forward, continually looking for the next step, regardless of what is thrown in their path. In her philanthropic life, The Clinton Foundation has raised over $2 billion, which has led the way for global health and sustainability initiatives. Hillary Clinton is a role model for women everywhere; a woman who has achieved the unthinkable by believing in herself and working passionately.

Inspiring people lead by example. They spread joy, understanding and compassion just by being who they are, overcoming their own odds, or spreading their message and story.


They show others what’s possible and encourage them to work to achieve their own goals or make a difference in their own lives or communities. The hope that spreads from inspirational people is contagious. From an impoverished child earning an academic scholarship, to an Olympic athlete achieving greatness despite a missing limb, to someone escaping a war torn country to build a better life and spread peace. We are inspired by people who struggle through adversity, sacrifice for others, live good lives and strengthen the world by being their best selves. Inspiring women inspire others from all walks of life, but especially other women. They lead through their actions, forging upward paths for others to follow.


We celebrate inspiring women for showing the world what’s possible and inspiring us all forward.

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