Martha Stewart

Though many know her as a home and lifestyle guru, Martha Stewart began her professional life first as a model, then as a Wall Street stockbroker. After moving to Connecticut, Martha began to devote herself to cooking and, as a self-taught chef, started her own catering company, which grew to a $1 million dollar business in just ten years. Stewart quickly capitalized on that success and recognition by publishing her first, then quickly several more, highly successful books on cooking, homemaking and entertaining. That led to the launch of her own magazine and the transition of Martha Stewart, Inc. into Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., which grew to include her popular website, more books and magazines, product lines and, of course, her television shows. Throughout her career, Martha has struggled through several high profile setbacks. However, none of those challenges have held her back as she has continually used her logic to analyze market trends and make calculated business decisions that have continually brought her and her business forward. Martha Stewart is an icon of logic for anyone with big dreams and the intellect to see them through.

The logical person is not emotionless, but able to move through emotions to effectively assess all options and make calculated decisions that move ideas forward.


The ability to use logic is the foundation of what we celebrate here at Women’s Brains Matter. It is the core of using one’s brain effectively to take yourself, your family, your community, your career or your world forward.


A logical woman may be a mother couponing to save for a growing family. She may be a venture capitalist making calculated investments through data analysis. She may be a surgeon designing new techniques for saving lives. She may be a school administrator balancing budgets and allocating resources. And she may be a world leader assessing global and domestic issues to make the best choices for her country and the world.


Logical women are not only intelligent reasoners. They act upon their ideas and decisions, serving as catalysts for progress.

Logic Challenge Coin

Logic Challenge Coin

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