Alexis Jones - Competing for Change

Game Shows have been widely popular with the public for decades. Millions of people tune in to be inspired by the competition and fierceness exhibited by competitors driven to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Alexis Jones first appeared in the public spotlight during her role in the game show Survivor.

Springboarding her prime time role to do good, Jones came up with an idea for a nonprofit while an undergraduate in college. Jones was passionate about fighting the media-perpetuated notions of perfectionism that many young girls and women face. After graduate school, she launched the effort and called it I Am That Girl.

Jones used media and television appearances to promote her new cause. As of 2017, I Am That Girl has over 170 chapters globally and has brought worldwide attention to this issue. Not stopping there, Alexis Jones has also recently launched the ProtectHer initiative, which began as she spoke to college athletes in locker rooms in an attempt to educate them on sexual assault prevention. She has since introduced a film and curriculum series for college campuses to educate young student-athletes about the dangers of sexually assaulting women and encouraging respect for women on and off-campus.

Through her sheer will and determination, Alexis Jones stands as a role model due to her never giving up. Even after winning Survivor, Jones never stopped achieving her own personal goals and fighting for her personal passions. In doing so, she has brought attention and change to important issues surrounding women and gender identity across the globe.

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