Amy Poehler - Offering the Helpful Hand of Humor

Laughter is one of our world’s most valuable treasures, bringing light into the lives of people who need it most. Amy Poehler, star of shows such as Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation, is known for her expertise at just that: making people laugh.

After founding the Upright Citizens Brigade improv troupe, Poehler made her first television appearance on Saturday Night Live. Starting out part time, she became a full time cast member only halfway into her first season, becoming the first woman to ever earn such distinction. She later starred in Parks in Recreation as the lead role, making her a household name.

Not stopping there, Poehler decided to put her talents to good use by founding Smart Girls at the Party along with Amy Miles. The online community and digital web series aimed to empower girls. Today, Smart Girls acquired more than 5 million views on Youtube and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018. Poehler has also recently released her memoir entitled Yes Please in which she confronts personal issues such as body image and parenthood, an attempt to offer her story to help others overcome issues she has dealt with.

In 2011, Poehler was deemed one of Time’s Most 100 Influential People in the World. Poehler has truly leveraged her sense of humor as a tool for personal development and growth. Just as infectious as her laughter is her sense of inclusion and compassion.

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