Caren Grown - A General in the Fight for Equality

We have made such exponential progress in the past several decades in terms of Women’s Rights and female empowerment, especially in developed nations. Many of the issues that have endured are more difficult to tackle, and women like Caren Grown are at the forefront of our mission to even the economic scale weighing men and women across the globe.

A world-renowned expert in the focus of Gender Equality, Grown has authored several books on the subject, such as Taxation and Gender Equality and Taking Action: Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering Women. Grown served as Co-Director of the Program on Gender Analysis in Economics at American University in Washington, D.C. Throughout her career, she has led efforts on gender equality for a number of organizations, including the UNU-WIDER program on aid effectiveness and gender equality, as Senior Gender Advisor at USAID where she led the development of the Agency’s Gender Equality policy.

Additionally, Grown co-founded the International Working Group on Gender and Macroeconomics and worked as an associate editor of Feminist Economics for more than seven years. In 2014, Grown joined the World Bank as Global Director of the World Bank’s Gender Group, where she has led the institution’s development and implementation of strategies that deliberately and strategically targets gaps in endowments, jobs, assets, and increasing women’s leadership and voice.

Truly a general of social progress, Caren Grown has devoted her life and career toward building a more inclusive and opportunistic world for women everywhere.

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