Dr. Sheila Robinson - Using Personal Ambition to Empower Global Ambition

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

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Ambitious people are relentless in achieving their goals. When faced with challenges or roadblocks, an ambitious person embraces those moments as learning opportunities and merely the difficult parts of their journey, rather than reasons to give up or give in.

Dr. Sheila Robinson is the very embodiment of ambition. As the former Marketing Director of a major corporation, an author, CEO, entrepreneur, and holder of two Masters degrees and a Doctorate, Dr. Robinson is truly a woman who channels the immense power of her brain to make things happen. And, as a woman of color in corporate America, Dr. Robinson also knows plenty about overcoming adversity and pushing forward when others may try to hold you back, or block your path.

When a reorganization within her company would have required her to relocate, she opted instead to resign from her prestigious role and pursue her dream of lifting up other women of color and taking a direct role in promoting diversity and inclusion in corporations around the world.

To that end, Dr. Robinson founded Diversity Woman Magazine with the mission of “Helping smart, savvy women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds achieve their career and business goals.” As acting publisher of the magazine, Dr. Robinson oversees the publication of articles on finance, wellness, career development, entrepreneurship, leadership and more, getting powerful and ambitious women into the spotlight to guide and inspire others towards their own success. The magazine also hosts annual conferences on business leadership, women in tech, diversity, innovation and more, giving women the incredible opportunity to network with other strong and ambitious women, to share their experiences and advice, and to form supportive partnerships to help propel each other forward.

As the author of Lead By Example: An Insiders Look at How to Successfully Lead in Corporate America and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Robinson’s aim is to mentor “women who are navigating today’s complex global business world.” The book is packed with practical advice and guidance, as well as support and compassion for women who find themselves faced with the added and hefty struggles that women - particularly women of color - must often move through on their path to success.

Truly a woman of bold and unapologetic ambition, Dr. Robinson is not only steadfast in making her own dreams reality, but is also working tirelessly to guide other ambitious women towards their own success, for the betterment of corporations and communities the world over.

We celebrate Dr. Sheila Robinson for her inspiring ambition, and for using her brain to help create a stronger, more inclusive, and overall more successful world.

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