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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

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Want to know what kind of cheese you are? What the Kardashian-Jenner clan is up to? Who’s shading who in social media? Who the latest YouTubers are, or even, what a YouTuber is?

Buzzfeed is the place to be.

Buzzfeed is a media company, but is better known as a content producing machine that has spent the last few years on top of virtually every trend imaginable and infiltrating every possible digital platform with its kooky quizzes, celeb gossip, trend updates and even powerful political and global commentary and news. Yes, it is absolutely a share factory, churning out post after post designed to grab your attention and hold it for a whopping minute or less, but it has also published some of the most insightful and honest news coverage of global events that you can find in today’s virtual wild west of digital news reporting, as well as a plethora of articles, videos and other content that spotlights diverse communities, voices and experiences in a way no other media outlet has done before.

One person who has been in the thick of the Buzzfeed rise for the past seven years is Ella Mielniczenko, Buzzfeed’s Director of Editorial Content.

As a new graduate of Emerson College, Ella first joined the Buzzfeed team as a Producer at the start of 2013, quickly working her way up through the ranks to her current Director’s seat.

Early on, Ella proved herself to be a trailblazer in the digital world, launching Buzzfeed’s channel on the newly launched Snapchat Discover. Snapchat had become hugely popular with younger digital media audiences and the Discover feature was an experiment in opening up the platform to media outlets. Seeing the massive potential in reaching this young and highly motivated audience, Ella jumped on it and launched Buzzfeed even higher into media success.

Buzzfeed is not just a hugely successful media company, but also has a corporate mission of promoting diversity through its content and hiring practices. Following that mission, Ella launched Pero Like in 2016. Pero Like is a Buzzfeed project aimed at creating and distributing content that resonates with English-speaking LatinX communities, shining a spotlight on this incredibly diverse and under-represented community and bringing their experience and perspective into the mainstream.

Most recently, Ella launched the innovative program, Buzzfeed Creators Program, aimed at increasing the quality and diversity of its content, while also retaining their best and most creative talent. The Creators Program allows Buzzfeed team members (as well as a few content creators outside of Buzzfeed) to create and publish their own content on the platform. The initiative not only makes the company an incredible place to work, but has also generated some amazing content as well as several branded content projects. These branded projects are revolutionizing the way audiences consume marketing content in a way that is truly valuable to the audience, while helping corporations build brand awareness.

All of this has earned Ella, at the age of 29, a well-deserved spot on Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 list for 2019.

We celebrate Ella Mielniczenko for her impressive ambition and for using her brain to hand the microphone to diverse and under-represented communities, as well as bringing her creativity forward in pushing the boundaries of what digital content can become.

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