Ingrid Nilsen - Confidence & Compassion Influencer

The online space has become the most popular means to reach others and influence the masses. Like so many others, Ingrid Nilsen created a YouTube channel in 2009 as a way to share her confidence and to overcome her fear of public speaking. She simply wanted to do something that “scared her” in order to conquer her fears.

The channel was called MissGlamorazzi and featured topics such as fashion, lifestyle, and makeup. By 2014, Nilsen began working with CoverGirl and became the first YouTuber to work with the brand. Even more significantly, Nilsen interviewed Barack Obama in a live stream in 2016 where she raised questions about the future of terrorism, taxation of feminine products, and LGBT+ discrimination.

Also in 2016, Nilson was named one of the United Nations Change Ambassadors along with 6 other social media influencers. She also helped to launch Power to the Period, the first nationwide period product drive. It encouraged participants to run product drives for unused tampons, pads, and panty liners which were to be donated to homeless shelters.

More recently, Nilsen has partnered with nonprofit It Gets Better, leading the #TheirStory campaign which asked LGBTQ+ members and their allies to share stories about inspirational figures via online videos.

Nilson has navigated the drastic transformation of media and communication to amass millions of followers who are drawn to her charisma, compassion, and spirit. She’s used her platform to affect her followers in a positive way and conveyed confidence to millions who needed it.

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