Joanne Yuan - A Conduit for Female Representation in Business

In our race to equality, it is imperative for women to not only lead companies as executives but execute entrepreneurial ideas and found businesses for themselves. “Women-Owned” is becoming a more and more common slogan permeating the business world due to the work ethic and innovation of female leaders.

Working in the shadows of this “Woman Owned” movement are facilitators such as Joanne Yuan, who works as an associate partner for Cowboy Ventures, a seed-stage investment fund. She cites overcoming imposter syndrome and staying true to herself as challenges she has faced in advancing her career in an industry that's female representation still stands at a measly 7%.

Working 30 hours a week as an intern at Stanford University, Yuan forged her own path into the world of venture capital before taking it by storm. She has sourced impressive deals and, even more impressively, founded the Investment Committee of Women’s Building which assists 20,000 women and families every year.

Yuan has taken challenges and overcome them in style, blind to the doubt that many of us see too often. The world needs people like Joanne Yuan to facilitate the changes we hope to see in the next several decades through dedication and generosity.

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