Leandra Tejedor & Alexandra Diracles - Teaching with the Tools of the Future

Millions of teenagers and young adults spend more than 2 hours a day looking at their devices. Much of this time, to the dismay of their parents, is spent on social media. The new locker room or coffee joint, the internet is becoming the medium for Teens to connect with people and ideas that will mold the way they think.

Leandra Tejedor and Alexandra Diracles understood this. After meeting through a hackathon project at Startup Weekend (and winning the competition), the duo took the company public. Their aim: engage more girls to pursue STEM and programming. Diracles and Tejedor wished to share their love of their skill and career to inspire girls to follow in their footsteps. In order to reach their intended audience, they went where they were, social media.

Through Snapchat filters and Instagram ads, their Kickstarter campaign became a success. Today, VidCode offers online, self-guided courses in coding called Codecademy. Adding more and more tools for educators, Vidcode is now utilized by 5000 teachers and reaches 100k students on an annual basis.

Their willingness and motivation to give back to other girls has allowed Tejedor & Diracles to inspire and engage with thousands of young women who may not have felt they were capable or prepared for a career in technology. They have helped to mold the future landscape of the technology industry to be a more inclusive and diverse environment as we move forward.

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