Sally Nuamah - Champion of Education for All

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Now more than ever before, issues of Race, Gender, and Education have risen to the forefront of public interest. Sally Nuamah has dedicated her life's work to researching and developing solutions for the world’s most important concerns.

A first-generation Ghanian-American, Nuamah completed her political science PHD at Northwestern University. Since then, her educational achievements have included competitive research fellowships at The University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, and Princeton. Nuamah is quoted as saying “Education is the best mechanism for improving the life chances of the disadvantaged” and “Schools are a main vehicle for accessing economic, social, and political equity.”

Nuamah is known outside of the educational realm as the author of her first book “How Girls Achieve”, which focuses on addressing the fact that most educational institutions were never designed for women, and urges the foundation of female-focused educational practice. She is a staunch advocate for black girls, and has used her success to launch Herstory: TWII Girls Foundation Scholarship, which assists young girls in Ghana access to education.

Today, Nuamah is working on her second book, Closed for Democracy, which focuses on the closing of public schools in America. She now works as a Professor at her alma mater, Northwestern University. Her dedication toward educating and assisting others has broadened the minds of millions, and has made it easier for girls to achieve their goals.

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