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Sophia Amoruso - Never Give Up on Your Goals

Despite what we see in magazines and movies, most people do not live perfect lives. Furthermore, behind most success stories, lies an untold story of resilience and determination. Sophia Amoruso has risen to the epitome of fashion and success through her sheer will and ambition to reach her goals.

Living a nomadic lifestyle as a young adult, Amoruso hitchhiked dumpster dove and stole until 2003, when she was caught shoplifting. At the age of 22, Amoruso worked as a security guard at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University as she opened an online eBay store. Her store was called “Nasty Gal Vintage” and she styled, photographed, captioned, and shipped all of the products herself using what she had learned in photography classes.

Within 6 years, Nasty Gal Vintage blew up and generated 100 million dollars annually. She inevitably left the eBay platform to start her own website and to have more control over her brand. Later on, Sophia Amoruso wrote her own book #GIRLBOSS which would later earn its own season as a show on Netflix.

Her media company, Girlboss Media creates content, videos, and podcasts aimed at a young female audience. Since 2017, Girlboss Rallies have educated young entrepreneurs to encourage young women to follow through with their professional pursuits and follow their dreams.

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