Suze Orman - The Queen of Financial Literacy

Today, the majority of American’s admit that they struggle to make ends meet. Consumer debt has found a new all-time high, and the importance of financial education has never been more apparent. Suze Orman has dedicated herself to alleviating financial stress and misinformation for as many people as she can.

Her first investment attempt was swindled from her when a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch lost all of her initial investment in risky options trades. Through this experience, she was inspired to work in finance and explore the industry for herself. As an account executive for Merrill, Orman learned the mistakes that were made with her initial investment. She later became a VP at Prudential.

After founding her own company, Suze Orman Financial Group, Suze began her first attempts to bring her knowledge into the public eye. She published a booklet explaining single annuities and would distribute the booklet free of charge upon request. She went on to publish 10 original books, many speaking directly to women. In 2008, Orman gave away digital downloads of her book Women and Money on the Oprah Winfrey Show and generated 2 million downloads.

Aside from her publications, Orman is known globally for her syndicated television programs and her input in mass media broadcasts. She is a role model and leader for women everywhere who aim to achieve their highest financial goals.

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