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The Betches - Turning Comedy Gold Into Business Gold

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

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There’s nothing we love more than someone who can make us laugh along with them as we escape into the lighter side of life for an emotional reprieve from the tragedy, frustration and fear that so often fills our media these days.

In 2011, when Aleen Kuperman, Jordana Abraham and Samantha Fishbein launched Betches Love This as a Wordpress blog, it was in response to the bro/frat boy comedy culture that was dominating the comedy space. All students at Cornell University at the time, the three women each invested $1500 into the business and have since never had to seek out external investment. Their company has also been profitable since 2014 and growing steadily since. Quite an accomplishment for what started out as a college side hustle!

The comedy blog, now known simply as The Betches, quickly gained popularity and a large audience and soon evolved into a multi-faceted media platform featuring horoscopes, celeb gossip, beauty tips, relationship advice and more, all in the women’s hilarious and magnetic style.

As they branched out into podcasts, videos, an Instagram account and beyond, their success has continued to grow. Their initial blog rose so quickly that they even landed a book deal, publishing their first of three books, Nice is Just a Place in France, in 2013. They have since also published, I Had a Nice Time And Other Lies as well as When’s Happy Hour?. As if that weren’t enough, they’ve even embarked on a live comedy tour.

Most recently, the team has evolved the company even further to launch a product line in partnership with JustFab. The line of clothing, accessories, gifts and housewares features such on-brand products as the “Big Wick Energy” candle, “mine” and “also mine” pillowcases, the “Red Flag or Deal Breaker” card game, and a whole line of affordable, trendy clothing with the brand’s trademark style of millenial snark.

Just how did they create such a successful and thriving business out of a simple Wordpress blog? They certainly knew their market and knew how to speak to them. But also, despite the bravado and uber-confidence of their signature comedic voice, it seems their natural humility has had a lot to do with their success. They have been incredibly vocal about learning from their mistakes and leaning on the advice of those around them with more business experience and know-how. In a world where so many people are celebrated for doing it all on their own (despite the fact that they had a great deal of help and support along the way), it is so refreshing and encouraging to hear such successful, ambitious and impressive women talk honestly about what it really takes to make a business work.

With so many ambitious, creative, dedicated and hilarious women out there with big dreams to accomplish, we’re hoping that the honesty of The Betches in how to truly get things done inspires those women to reach out to others in their network to help them along the way, and to learn from their mistakes as well, rather than be discouraged by them (or by naysayers who are all too quick to jump on mistakes), so that they keep hustling through whatever comes their way. That’s how success is made.

We celebrate Aleen Kuperman, Jordana Abraham and Samantha Fishbein, aka. The Betches, for standing as icons of women in business and keeping us laughing along with them as they continue their incredible journey of humor, growth and awesomeness.

Do you know of an amazingly comedic woman who you would like to support? Or perhaps a woman - or team of women - just starting out in their own business? Become one of their biggest supporters by challenging them to bring their best forward!

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