Women in the Workplace: Ten Facts

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

1. There are more than seventy four million women in the United States labor force.

2. The gender gap in labor force participation has been reduced from twenty six million to ten million from 1948 to 2016.

3. More women are working today than ever before, making up just 28% of the labor force in 1948, to almost 49% of working Americans today.

4. While less than one third of American women worked in the 1950's, women’s labor force participation today exceeds 56%!

5. Women are seeing double, earning an average of twenty thousand dollars more than they were in 1948 (adjusted for inflation). Compared to the average wage of twenty thousand dollars per year in the fifties, this increase to 40,000 per year is a significant increase.

6. Occupations with the highest median earnings among women are Physicians, Nurse Anesthetists, and Dentists, with Physicians and Surgeons earning an average of 172,000 dollars annually.

7. Ninety-eight percent of all Speech Pathologists are women, while women only account for two percent of all carpenters and electricians.

8. Women own more than 10 million businesses across the US, accounting for more than 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS of income per year.

9. Compared to just 11% of women being the sole or primary earner in the household in 1960, 40% of mothers are now the primary financial supporter.

10. Down from a peak high of 9% in the recession of 2010, the unemployment rate for women now stands at 4.8%.

All information above was gathered from the United States Department of Labor


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